Based on the competitive advantages of Argentina and of INGACOT SA itself, an important producer of corn and soybeans, far from the ports but relatively close to the meat consumption centers, the Master Plan for a high-tech pig farm was drawn up. of 5,500 mothers from modules of 550 mothers.

The vision focused on generating value from transforming our raw materials into meats with growing local demand and very high demand in the main countries of the world.

Currently, our farms have 2,750 mothers in full production (representing a total population of 36,000 animals). Two expansions are underway that incorporate a sixth and seventh module of 550 mothers each, bringing the production capacity to 3,850 high-tech mothers. Based on these growths, the active population of pigs in 2023 will be 50,000 animals.

“El Triunfo” and “La María”, the hatcheries of INGACOT SA are of high productive performance. In this sense, they reach goals of excellence such as 30 piglets weaned per mother/year, or more than 3,500 live kilos produced per mother/year.

This is the result of a business policy aimed at competitiveness.

The company has always wanted to be consistent with this business model. In equipment, genetics, health, nutrition and management we always aspire to the best. In the same sense, we participate in GITEP, where month after month we interact with the best farms in the country; and we have certified our production processes with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The award for Agricultural Excellence, awarded by Banco Galicia - La Nación newspaper as Best Pork Producer obtained in 2016, speaks of the fact that we are in the vanguard squad in the sector.

Regarding volumes, we are currently producing 192,000 kilos of pork weekly, about 10,000,000 kilos per year. With ongoing expansions in 2023 production will increase by 40%.

El Triunfo and La Maria have all the national, provincial and municipal permits in terms of zoning, environmental impact and effluent treatment.


The main activity of this business unit is agricultural production, corn, soybeans and barley, as a source of food for our pigs.

It is carried out mainly in the center-west of the province of Buenos Aires, with an axis in the city of Bolívar. The company has an operational base there, where its offices, seed and input warehouses and agricultural machinery sheds operate.

The crops are mainly planted in rented fields, for which the surface of the same varies in each campaign according to the weather perspectives and market conditions. In the last nine years, the areas worked have ranged between 3,000 and 5,000 hectares per campaign, with an increasing trend.

This business unit has an excellent work team made up of outstanding professionals and operational managers with extensive experience in field work. This allows it, regardless of its own crops, to provide operational management services to other companies.

The company has modern high-tech planting and harvesting machinery equipment, equipped with VRT systems and mappers. This allows you to do most of your own work with quality and in a timely manner. In turn, planting and harvesting services are provided to third parties.

Ingacot Agro is a local reference company in the use of agricultural technologies and practices such as direct seeding, crop rotation, balanced fertilization, integrated pest management and agriculture by environment.

We are convinced that the search for solid and sustainable economic results over time requires having agronomic excellence and sustainable production as permanent objectives.

INGACOT AGRO It is characterized by establishing long-term relationships with its network of suppliers-clients and its entire work environment, based on trust and sharing the values of work, correctness and adherence to quality.